EST. 1999 


                                    BEECHWOOD CAVALIERS

We fell in love with The Cavalier King  Charles breed in 2012. Very affectionate and loyal. They wouldn't want to be any other place than on your lap or by your side. We were very skeptic at first, only because we are around our Labs and we were unsure a "small breed" dog would be the right fit. So we went for it and purchased our first Cavvy Chelbie. That day has forever changed my life and LOVE for a dog. There is no greater joy than of a Cavvy.....And just like the Labradors, we had to start with a good "foundation."  My Life is now dedicated to dogs and producing outstanding and healthy offsprings.  Parents of my puppies are hand selected by us for their personalities, health, and to meet breed standards set in the US.  We carefully tend to the health, environment and nutritional needs of all our dogs. The adults are tested yearly for congenital heart defects, eyes and patellas and other conditions common in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.